Bloomington-Monroe County Convention Center

Bloomington, IN

As the “front door” to Monroe County, the Bloomington-Monroe County Convention Center is an important public building providing reception spaces, meeting rooms, and exhibit areas to local and national visitors.   The interior renovation re-envisions the Convention Center with a modern design idiom and capitalizes on the unique character of Monroe County in its use of local materials and display of local artists’ work.   Flexibility motivates the design and allows the Convention Center to adapt to specific user needs.  The main exhibit hall has retractable walls and variable lighting options.  The lobby’s quartz and hardwood reception desk welcomes visitors and doubles as a serving counter and information center for convention exhibitors and attendees.  Wood and glass screen walls create informal gathering places and offer interesting views.  Sculptural “light pockets” articulate the lobby ceiling and illuminate modern lobby furnishings and provide acoustic control.  New wall and floor finishes interplay with locally quarried limestone columns and wall relief.